I work in my favourite materials of all time – mixed media. For me, there is nothing quite like it in the whole world of painting, drawing and printing. I love the infinite textures and marks which are possible in mixed media: I also love the element of surprise when I try a new combination of materials, when I experiment and think outside the box. Play is a big part of the world of mixed media – I celebrate the fact that I work in materials which give me the space to do this. Play is joy, freedom and being in a state of flow.

My most enduring memories from childhood involve me getting lost in the magic of paint and colour. I could paint all day, captivated by the intense pleasures of brushes, watercolour, crayons, pencils. Unfortunately, art wasn't encouraged much at my school. Instead, the teachers seemed keen on separating us kids into the 'academic ones' and the 'non-academics'. I got put in the first box and was promptly told to focus on 'more demanding subjects', to forget art and, instead, give my all to the rigours of academic inquiry. And so a long separation from the joys of art began...

We can only be kept apart from our most intense loves for so long: as an adult, I have returned to art making with a passion, and I now manage to incorporate it into my professional life. As well as being an artist, I am also a teacher, facilitator and therapist. I work with partners in the private, public and third sector to develop courses and workshops in which adults are given safe spaces to reconnect with their creativity. Through this work, I meet other people who have spent considerable periods of their lives divorced from their creativity: I provide experiences and learning environments in which people can come to acknowledge their artistic needs, explore and express them. I am particularly interested in the role creativity plays in recovery from illness and I specialise in the role of art in mental health recovery.

I am a fuIly qualified and insured therapist, who also works with clients one-to-one, using holistic therapy modalities - such as Reiki and Colour Therapy - to support people in their wellbeing. My return to art practice has been strengthened by my study of both Japanese and Western traditions of Reiki. Like Tai Chi, Reiki practice enhances our ability to connect with the flow of existence. Reiki deepens our relationship with instinct and allows us to loosen the grip of domineering left-brained thinking in our lives. Such releases are the life-blood of visual art and so I find that my Reiki practice and my art practice flow effortlessly, one into the other. Reiki enables me to dwell in the instinctive realm of creativity with greater ease and with greater joy.

In May 2016, I gave myself permission to start taking my own art practice more seriously, by renting out my own studio space. I have had a really productive time here. The 'Galleries' section of my website contains images and details of the first 21 items I've put up for sale. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them! All of these first 21 pieces are original art works, so if you decide to purchase one of them, you will be buying a truly unique piece to treasure. Thank you for your visit to my website!